Mypa is designed to help you organise your life. It is based on the widely used agile business practice which helps you to break down and manage large amounts of work. Larger items of work are broken down into more manageable tasks and each task is given a rating based on how long the item will take the difficulty of the item and the risk involved in completing the item. The value of the rating does not matter to much as long as it is relative to previous tasks you have completed.

Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks allow you to manage tasks at a daily basis. Tasks are scheduled for completion by adding them to a particular day.


The Backlog is used to record any work that needs to be completed that has not been scheduled for the current week


Tasks are the individual jobs you need to perform. If a job is large you should try to break it down into more manageable tasks. Each task should be given a rating based on difficulty, estimated time to complete and the risk that it might take a lot longer than expected. The rating will help you to manage your time and with some practice you will soon get an idea on how many rating points you can complete in a day and a week and even to help estimate the completion time of your backlog.

Getting Started

As a guide let’s take the following scenario and plan it with Mypa.
“My family will be visiting in two weeks, I’ll need to clean up the house a before they arrive.”

  • Set a reminder for yourself by entering it into the backlog
    • From the Weekly view tap the Backlog button.
    • Select Add to bring up the new task page
    • Enter the title “Clean the house”
    • Enter following sub tasks into the description
      • Mop floors
      • Take out rubbish
      • Do washing
      • Make bed
    • Rate your task with a 9When rating a task we should consider how hard the task is, the time we think it will take to complete and is there any risk that the task might be harder than we first expected. If we look at other tasks such as “Post EBay Item”, which is fairly easy but there may be a queue so it was rated a 1. We can see the work involved is quite a bit more, the tasks are fairly simple and there’s not much risk I’ll find more work to do so we rate it about 9
    • Tap the save button

The task is now in your backlog ready to be assigned to a day when you plan the week, this is normally done first thing Monday.

  • Planing the week
    We know that the family arrives on Sunday and cleaning may take some time, luckily this gives us Saturday.

    • Change the day to Saturday by swiping left or right
    • Tap the Add Button. This allows you to add a task from the backlog to your weekly schedule
    • Select one or more tasks that you would like to add and tap the Select button
  • Completing the task
    Now that the job is done we can mark the task as completed. Normally you would revise what tasks have been completed at the end of each day.

    • Change the day to Saturday
    • Tap the Edit Mode icon
    • Select the task you wish to complete
    • Tap the Complete Button.
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Parking Buddy

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Never lose track of your where you parked or how long is left on the parking meter again. Parking Buddy tracks the location and time you parked and helps you to keep track of how long your have been parked for by giving your a reminder when its almost time to head back to the car.



When you arrive whip out your Parking Buddy and set your parking spot by selecting the Park Here icon,


Take a photo of where you parked as a visual aid then enter a parking duration and when you would like a reminder then hit add.


A pushpin marks your current location and a reminder is set. The camera icon tells you you have taken a photo of your location. To view the photo and other information tap the pushpin. To clear your parking location select the Reset button


The Photo you captured, the time you parked and a live countdown is displayed to help keep you informed. Once the countdown timer reaches your reminder it turns red to inform you that your parking will soon expire.

Parking Buddy also generate a map preview and the time you parked and displays this on the back of your Parking Buddy Live tile.


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